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7 strategic KPIs for the purchasing department
Do you know what the best strategies have in common, other than absolute success? Some researches show that more than half of the companies consider themselves more successful just because they keep a closer look on performance indicators. And those companies are not wrong! Basically, keeping a closer eye on performance indicators is the best […]
How to monitor your suppliers’ performance
Hiring a supplier involves several steps. The first one is a survey, in which all the options of suppliers are evaluated, followed by the elaboration and signing of a contract. In the contract, all conditions for the provision of service or purchase are established: prices and payment terms, deadlines and delivery terms and other details, […]
In doubt between suppliers? See 5 factors to help you decide
Dealing with suppliers involves numerous steps: surveys, checks, budgets and a lot of alignment meetings. The process of choosing the right supplier for your demand involves meetings, reviews, discussions and definitions, all to make sure that both sides gain in that relationship. The first step is the actual choice of supplier. After identifying what your […]
Why is the purchasing department so strategic
Why is the purchasing department so strategic?
For many years, the purchasing department was considered just another department within the companies, responsible for carrying out the purchasing activities in isolation, without any connection with the other activities carried out by the company. However, times have changed, and today this department is already recognized as a fundamental part of organizations, actively participating in […]
how compare quotations spare parts
I received quotations, how do I compare them?
Quotes are part of the purchasing process of all companies. As you probably know, first you receive a demand from one of the company’s departments. Then, you must contact the suppliers. The quotations are used so that the contractor can understand under which conditions the supplier will work, such as the price charged for the […]
5 tips for supplier mapping
Supplier mapping is a key task for medium and large companies – and it’s also one of the biggest challenges in the supply chain. When choosing a supplier, a company must take a lot of things into consideration, such as price, deadlines, size of each demand and the commitment of the supplier to the company’s […]
Are your purchases really effective
Are your purchases really effective
How does the purchasing process work in your business? In general, purchases occur very similarly in most small, medium or large businesses. This is because the procedure is quite similar, and what changes is mainly the size and volume of orders, depending on the performance of each company. Check below the steps of the purchasing […]
How to better manage your supply chain
How to better manage your supply chain
An efficient management of the supply chain is necessary for all companies that deal with product movement, whether purchasing or selling. Any business that produces or sells goods must be very aware of the entire process, from purchase to delivery, especially because internal organization can ensure higher levels of satisfaction with the buyers. Basically, the […]
How to make a good purchase order
How to make a good purchase order
Assembling a purchase order is a common part of the routine of a company’s purchasing department. Within the company, the flow of materials is a fundamental part of the business’ economy and if carried out in a non-strategic way it can result in high risks and losses. Companies that manage purchases inefficiently tend to lose […]
4 steps to improve your relationship with your suppliers
4 steps to improve your relationship with your suppliers
Finding a good supplier is no easy task. Sometimes the company searches and searches for months until it finds a financially viable option, with high levels of service quality, that can truly be a good addition to the team of partners.   However, many companies are disappointed with the supplier’s performance over time, even though […]