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Frequency inverters

Frequency inverters are electronic systems used to control the rotation speed of the alternating current motor (AC), controlling the power frequency supplied to the motor. These devices are widely used in modern industry given the large number of processes that require continuous speed adjustment in pumps, conveyors, ventilators, refrigeration appliances, etc.
As a result of the electronics industry today, we have variable frequency for applications that require large or small motors, with excellent communication skills that not only permit the same control motor speed, but also the management of important information on the performance of the motor’s electromechanical control.
Soluparts not only guarantees the supply of frequency inverters from the best known brands on the market, but also the provision of replacement parts for existing equipment in industrial plants. No matter what the brand, model, or year of manufacture, we can provide you with the replacements parts you request in record time.

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