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Request a proposal for acquisition of parts

We connect your company to the main worldwide manufacturers.
  • Reduce the price and improve the delivery of material.
    At Soluparts you find in one place all the parts you need, at a good price and that are delivered together. This reduces the cost and all the materials you need will be available at the same time.
  • Reduce the number of suppliers
    Soluparts offers a complete parts supply service and connects your company to the main world manufacturers. This makes you find the ideal supplier and reduces demand in the purchasing department
  • We provide any item (through import)
    With access to thousands of products and suppliers we offer you access to the item you need. This is because we are a global company with offices in Germany, USA, Brazil and Hong Kong.
  • Reduction in the number of quotations
    Get all the parts you need, from different brands, in a single purchase order.