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Obsolete or discontinued spare parts

The Pulp and Paper Industry has specific needs regarding automation and process control equipments and systems. Soluparts offers a wide range of products for motion control, proximity, pressure, flow, PLC level and temperature sensors, among others used in the paper and pulp industry. We work with several brands, and we can offer reduced lead times and excellent commercial conditions

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Soluparts is a global company with offices in Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong and the USA. We connect your company to the main manufacturers worldwide. Specialized in procurement and delivery of all types of industrial materials (MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Operation), we have access to thousands of products and suppliers around the world, offering our customers the best in the market supply-chain service: fast, reliable and modern.

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Our structure is focused on providing our customers a complete solution for the supply of spare parts of several industrial lines. Our services are based on three main pillars:
Reduced prices and better delivery terms for materials purchased from local distributors
Reduction in number of suppliers for indirect materials
Significant reduction of number of quotations and increased efficiency of our clients’ purchasing departments
Provision of any item not found in our clients’ local area (through importing)


SOLUPARTS puts at its customers’ disposal specialized logistics departments, located at commercial centers around the world and focuses on the following principles:

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Permanent contact with all of our suppliers to ensure promised delivery terms are kept

intermodal Soluparts transportation

Shipment consolidation ensuring a reduction of freight costs and customs operations

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Rigorous verification of all products guaranteeing that shipped items are according to customers’ requests

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Direct contact with the logistics departments of our customers to ensure all documents and exporting procedures are following its requirements

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