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We are specialized in procurement and delivery of all types of industrial materials (MRO – Maintenance, Repair, Operations)


We have access to thousands of products and suppliers around the world through our branches in the USA, GERMANY, BRAZIL, PORTUGAL and HONG KONG, offering our customers the best in the market supply-chain service: fast, reliable and modern.


Send us your list for quotation and we will find the best prices of the products you need.

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chemical industry obsolete spare parts gd - soluparts
Chemical industry
Soluparts offers a complete range of automation and process control equipment including: programmable logic controllers,...
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Pharmaceutical Industries Parts - Soluparts
Soluparts has experience in supplying process control, temperature and humidity monitoring and special differential pressure...
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Automotive Industrial parts
The Automotive Industry, as other sectors of the economy, is making great efforts to ensure...
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The Pulp and Paper Industry has specific needs regarding automation and process control
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Oil and Gas industry - Spare Parts Soluparts
Oil & Gas
Soluparts follows the new technology of the market, offering equipment of the most recognized manufacturers...
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Food & Beverage Industries Parts - Soluparts
Food & Beverage
Soluparts offers a complete range of equipments that may not have distributors in your local...
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Spare Parts - Indirects Materials


At Soluparts we facilitate the procurement process, giving the buyer the possibility to find indirect materials of any nationality. We are able to offer over

15000 BRANDS

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OPEX X CAPEX: Which is ideal for industry 4.0?
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Trust and transparency in supply chains
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How Slowbalisation affects the supply chain
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4 Technologies that will change global trade
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How to establish the ideal purchasing process
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Top 5 Criteria for Choosing Suppliers
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Differences between Value-Focused Supply and the tradicional approach
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VALUE-FOCUSED SUPPLY: Why it matters and how to implement it
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How to choose the best Incoterm for your purchase order?
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Lean Kaizen: a simplified approach to process improvement
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3 Ways to Effectively Control Purchasing Costs
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Uniting BATNA, ZOPA and SWOT Analysis for successful trading
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The connection between foreign trade and poverty reduction
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5 steps to an effective purchasing budget
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The types of contracts within the purchasing department
The types of contracts within the purchasing department
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