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SOLUPARTS is a global company with offices in Germany, USA, Brazil, Portugal and Hong Kong. We connect your company to the main worldwide manufacturers. Specialized in procurement and delivery of all kinds of industrial materials (MRO -Maintenance, Repair and Operation), we have access to thousands of products and suppliers throughout the world, putting at our customer’s disposal with rapidity, reliability and modernity, the best supply chain services in the world market.

Much more than transportation


SOLUPARTS puts at our consumer’s disposal
a specialized logistical department, located in the commercial enters
across the world and it is focused on the following principles:

Permanent contact with all suppliers to ensure that the delivery terms granted are going to be kept

Consolidation of shipments according to orientation, always seeking a reduction of freight costs and customs operation

Rigorous physical verification of all products in order to ensure that the products are shipped according to customer requests

Direct contact with the logistic department of our customers to ensure all documents and export procedures are following the necessary requirements

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About Us

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