Com uma Trading Company o setor de compras consegue otimizar tempo e reduzir custos, mas têm outros motivos para contar com a experiência de seus profissionais.

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Benefits of a trading company for the purchasing department

Opting to buy products in other countries through a Trading Company offers many advantages. We highlight the main ones below.

1. It optimizes the purchasing process and reduces costs

Acquiring the best products at the best price is essential for every company, but it is a task that demands time and effort from the purchasing department, especially for companies with high demands.

Trading companies optimize your time by enabling you to concentrate all your demands on just one company. No matter if the demand is for 1 or 300 items, trading companies receive your quotation and will do all the work to seek the best offer from international manufacturers and offer you the best commercial proposal.

2. It gives you access to the best suppliers in the world

Trading Companies – especially those with offices in the main world markets – ensure that any brand and product your company needs can be found under the best possible conditions – Soluparts can even search for materials considered obsolete. Here it is not only the quantity, but the quality of the selected suppliers that counts!

3. It Improves communication and raises the level of negotiation

Negotiating with suppliers can be a difficult process, especially when the language and culture of the place where the supplier is located is not mastered.

Trading companies relie on multicultural and experienced professionals who are able to negotiate in several languages. Another differential of these professionals is the high level of relationship with the manufacturers who are negotiating, guaranteeing the best prices and market conditions.

4. It allows you to buy smaller quantities and speeds up the receipt of purchased materials

A trading business allows you to buy any volume, which avoids the purchasing team to buy over the real need and formulate volumous stocks. 

the purchase of parts in any volume, avoiding the purchase of products in excess of the real need and the formation of volumous stocks. This way, it keeps the purchasing department’s expenses within budget and avoids costs with deposit rental.

A Trading Company also allows:

  • Spot purchase – made on time, according to the company’s needs;
  • Purchase by contract – list of materials previously quoted and with extended quotation validity ( 2 to 3 years ). This modality turns the buyer into a contract manager, greatly reducing the volume of spot quotations and optimizing the purchase process.

5. It makes load consolidation a possibility

Relying on a trading company is essential to facilitate logistics, since it will gather different products, from different suppliers, in a single warehouse, offering a safe storage, while waiting for the purchasing company to arrange the removal of the materials.

The reception and consolidation of loads by a trading company guarantees total security in the process since all items are carefully checked in order to guarantee that, when they are exported, they are exactly the items needed by the client. Besides all this security, it also allows significant reduction of logistic costs through the reduction of international freight and customs costs.

Soluparts, a global trading company

Soluparts is able to offer quotations from the most relevant manufacturers in the world – read an article that shows our differentials and learn how we can optimize the routine of your purchasing department.

We are a supplier specialized in all types of industrial materials and have offices in Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Hong Kong and the United States.

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