Terms and Conditions Partnership Program

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1. The applicant

Through our online application form, the applicant can submit the maximum of three professionals. Supposing the applicant choose to refer more than three people, he is required to subscribe to our program by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


2. The company referred by the applicant

2.1. The applicant must disclosure all the necessary details of the referred professional so that the Soluparts’ team is able to connect to him/her. The referred people must work at an industrial spare parts purchasing department, therefore, being able to make decisions regarding the choice spare parts suppliers.

2.2. The application is valid for one year, meaning that the referred professional must become a Soluparts client within this timeframe for the applicant to receive the agreed upon percentage.

2.3. If the professional referred is already Soluparts’ client the application will be automatically cancelled. In this case, the applicant will be contacted by email and given the opportunity to refer another person.

2.5. It is not allowed to refer an employee of a reseller company, since Soluparts, according to its internal policy, sells only to the end users of the requested product.


3. The money transfer

3.1. Soluparts will transfer to the applicant 0.5% of the purchase value the referred company concluded with Soluparts within the agreed timeframe – one year from the application submission date. The transfer will be done by wire transfer within 30 days after the applicant provides his/her correct personal banking information. Although the referred company must purchase from Soluparts within one year, the due transfer may be done after that period.

3.2. The amount due will be transferred in United States dollars.

3.3. After the referred contact successfully completes a purchase with Soluparts, the applicant will receive and email requesting his/her personal bank account, including the following: bank name, bank BIC/SWIFT, beneficiary name, beneficiary account number and beneficiary IBAN.

3.4. It is the applicant responsibility to guarantee his/her personal banking account is accurate.

3.5. There is no limit for the total amount transferred from Soluparts to the applicant.