TOP 9: veja os melhores podcasts para o departamento de compras

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TOP 8: Check out the best podcasts for the purchasing department

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New technologies influence much of our daily activities. And one of them has been standing out in our days: podcasts.

Similar to a radio program, but with the hability to run anytime, anywhere, podcasting is a tool that can help any professional in the purchasing department to gain repertoire, besides being a source of new ideas.

It is not by chance that the consumption of this media grew 67% in Brazil, considering the interval of only one year, according to a survey by Deezer (a company in the sector), 25% of the interviewees said they listened to more than one hour of these audios a day.

The benefits of Podcasts

But why is this media so successful, whether for fun, study or professional updating?

They are free, have no ads to interrupt the broadcast and are available on and offline. In addition to these facilities, there are other good reasons to incorporate podcasts into your routine – we listed a few:

It improves knowledge and exercises the brain

According to studies by Sage Publications, our brains notice no difference between hearing and reading content. Both ways allow you to acquire knowledge – of course, continuously reading will always be very important to improve writing, for example.

In addition, it allows you to exercise your brain, as by listening, we build images to help you retain information – to learn more about brain functioning, read the article about the Triune Brain!

It provides variety of information

There are so many different podcasts in various different platforms that practically all subjects can be found in this format. That is the case, for example, of podcasts for the purchasing department.

It allows multitasking

Want to listen to quality content while you organize your emails or organize your agenda for the day? Podcasts may be the best solution for that, by allowing you to gain time and productivity!

One of the reasons is that podcasts can be listened to in many situations: in traffic, during sports practice or even in the waiting room, while waiting for a negotiation to start.

8 podcasts not to be missed for the shopping sector

Below we separate 8 podcast options dedicated to the purchasing sector. They offer market data, a collection of interviews that are capable of bringing new ideas to your work and technology.

1. Procurement Zen

Topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Negotiation Techniques are part of the varied menu of this podcast that presents research, news and works on the purchasing sector – the interviews and debates from the community also encourage reflections on the purchasing career.

It is possible to download the application and create segmented playlists, which makes it easier to create a specific learning trail for each person’s needs.

2. Let’s talk Supply Chain

This podcast led by Sarah Barnes Humphrey, a supply chain consultant, uses the interview format to discuss with professionals – who are a reference in the supply chain – the best practices in the industry, market trends and other details.

Within the audio options, the Women in Supply Chain series is a great highlight, focusing on workday challenges women face in the area.

3. Manufacturing Talk Radio

Updated weekly, the more than 430 podcasts cover advanced technology, augmented reality, 3D simulation, the internet of things, Big Data analysis, cyber security and global supply chains.

This podcast stands out because they analyze the impacts of technology on the supply chain and the role of cyber security to achieve the best possible performance in the purchasing industry.

4. Negotiations Ninja Podcast

This podcast is focused on discussing tactics, strategies and cases with a track record of successful negotiations, including showing effective strategies to negotiate.

The site offers detailed information on each audio, with a brief summary of the content, participant information and even contact details for each individual cited in the podcast – so you can get in touch with the greatest trading specialists in the market!

5. Procurement Talk com David Byrne

The varied repertoire of this podcast includes: contract management tips, procurement planning, the importance of communication and teamwork, or reflections on how economics and politics interfere with the procurement landscape.

Current issues, such as Covid-19, are also on the list of the American, and experienced procurement professional, David Byrne.

6. Zycus Podcasts

The company that develops software for the purchasing area, uses all its experience in the sector to produce content relevant to daily purchases. Technology, costs, compliance, supplier management and interviews with experts make the collection unmissable.

7. Art of Procurement

Philip Ideson, responsible for creating a global community with thousands of procurement executives, leads this podcast ranging from interviews with leading professionals in the field to information aimed at improving industry performance and building stronger business partnerships.

You can check out the list of the most popular podcasts – podcasts on the role of purchasing in overcoming the current economic crisis are among them – or search for topics of interest.

8. Sap Ariba

This is a series of 10 podcasts on digital transformation in purchasing, with the participation of 10 experienced industry leaders, anchored by Eric Kavanagh, strategic consultant to the United Nations. From the changing role of procurement to the role of emerging technologies, they reveal what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace procurement.


Following the podcasts for the purchasing department will provide insights into your work routine.

But if you want to optimize the purchasing process in your company, stay on top of the content available in Soluparts’ blog, starting with the article we selected below:

10 software for the purchasing department you need to know

Also available in: Português Español

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