Elaboramos uma lista com os principais softwares para departamento de compras utilizados atualmente por empresas e que são indicados por especialistas. Confira!

10 purchasing department softwares you need to know about

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In an increasingly competitive economy, and recently impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies need to be aware of different ways to stand out from their competitors, by becoming more productive and efficient (even at an adverse time). 

In this context, technology is an important ally to bring agility to processes and projects in the various areas of the organization, by optimizing activities and reducing excess costs. 

In the procurement department, this is no different, since there are different methods and solutions to improve the conduction of the stages in this area (supplier management, payments, acquisition of products and services, among others), which generates benefits such as: 

  • Follow-up of requests, with the identification of their status; 
  • Access to previous orders, allowing you to look at the history to make a more appropriate future purchase; 
  • Increased profitability, with greater integration of information from different areas of the company; 
  • Independence for suppliers, who can enter their information directly into the systems, which brings more transparency to the hiring process. 

Given such important benefits, we have thoroughly researched and compiled a list of the ten best software for the purchasing department, recommended by specialized magazines and websites (such as Supply Chain Digital, Software AdviseGetApp and Gartner). 

They may be useful to your company – check them out! 

TOP 10: software for the purchasing department 

1.SAP Ariba: first in the list of software for purchasing department developed by Supply Chain Digital (May 2020 edition), it offers a series of solutions for companies of different sizes, in the areas of supplier management, sales, services for buyers, among others. Through this software, companies can digitalize and simplify their expense management processes, end-to-end, in an integrated cloud platform. 

2.Oracle: an important name in the technology sector, Oracle has a solution for the management of direct and indirect expenses and its different stages (contracting, purchase and payment). Its platform also facilitates the relationship with suppliers, through interaction and document sharing devices. There is also the possibility of training and certification for the use of this software on the company’s website. 

3.IBM Procurement Services: one of the world’s leading technology organizations, IBM has been developing innovations in the field since 1911, the year it was founded. Its purchasing and strategic sourcing services offer digital solutions linked to the entire process with the use of technology, analysis, cognitive insights and Design Thinking methodologies. 

4.Blue Yonder: the company (formerly known as JDA Software) delivers to its customers a platform for the complete optimization of business (planning, execution and delivery of demands; among them, those related to purchase). With the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it provides the benefit of having an optimized and autonomous platform for decision-making in companies. 

5.GEP SMART: a unified purchasing software platform that enables improved efficiency and performance by offering solutions for spend analysis, savings tracking, contract and supplier management and accounts payable. In 2019, it received the award for “Best Purchasing Technology” in the World Procurement Awards. 

6.A1 Tracker Software: Unlike other software for the purchasing department presented, this one is specialized in contract management, with numerous resources (approval of documents, suppliers, audits, among others). In addition, the contract panels and forms allow users to run analytical reports and update renewals, import and export data and prioritize activities. 

7.Promena e-Sourcing: this software offers an efficient platform to monitor purchasing and supplier management activities. Users can maintain all online purchasing processes such as managing purchase requisitions, requesting quotations, approvals and delivery steps. In addition, there is a tool to monitor possible risks in the supply chain and integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes is supported. 

8.Procurify: It composes the purchasing department software group aimed at medium-sized companies, and it is also used by financial sectors to manage spending. We highlight the usability and friendly interface, providing an option to track, control and analyze the values used by the company, thus facilitating purchase workflows and centralizing financial data. 

9.Precoro: a spending and purchasing management software, helps reduce manual workflows and brings transparency to the purchasing process. Among its benefits, the following are highlighted: the ease of implementation of this software, performed in hours; the customization of its processes, meeting the different demands of customers; and the possibility of purchasing a free trial version. 

10.ShippingEasy Software: Our latest purchasing department software tip is an inventory and shipping management solution suitable for small and medium-sized e-commerce companies. Key features include order tracking, label customization, integration with multiple vendor channels, rate comparison, and returns coordination. It is available for purchase with a monthly subscription. 

As you can see, there are a number of software options for the purchasing department aimed at automating the processes of companies of various sizes and sectors, from the initial order to payment, thus improving the productivity of this important organizational area. It is necessary to analyze in depth the particular needs of your company so you can select the software that best meets your demands. 

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