Management and Purchasing Department

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Novidades tecnológicas já estão mudando o setor de compras, mas será que a área já atingiu o nível de maturidade exigido pela era da Indústria  4.0? Descubra!

The purchasing sector in Industry 4.0

Technological news is already changing the purchasing sector, but has the area already reached the level of maturity required by the era of Industry 4.0? Find it out!

4 challenges of an international operation

4 challenges of an international operation

The purchasing department for foreign-sourced indirect materials faces extra challenges on a daily basis due to the complexity that the international sourcing of products brings. In this article, we discuss the main challenges you need to be aware of.

4 habilidades para sobreviver no mundo digital

4 skills to survive in the digital world

The growth in the number of companies that started to adopt the remote work regime during the pandemic has increased the cyber risks to which companies are subject. See how these attacks can be avoided.